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The Cuff Project; Nature, Industry, & the Human Element

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     I’ve always had a strange fascination for the little weeds and tiny flowers that peek out through the cracks in broken concrete.  They seem to be the simplest representatives of nature’s persistence in an increasingly industrialized world. They’re quiet and subtle, and generally go unnoticed as the loud and flashy things of progress move all around them at high speed.

     Today, the beast of industry seems nearly unstoppable and maybe it is.  Cities are filling to the brim with commerce and construction while our lives are filling to the brim with information, ads, and new technology that helps us save the time we lost somewhere in the mix. It seems to be everywhere, unavoidable, and more persistent than a four year old in a candy store.  If there is anything in this world to contend with industry, it’s nature itself, with it’s patient and quiet persistence.


     Somewhere along the line I became obsessed with this duality of nature and industrial constructs.  I also liked the idea of the two concepts being superimposed in a way that highlights the human element in the ebb and flow of the two.  When I started to work on a series of cuff bracelets, these ideas were fresh in my mind.  I decided to incorporate natural designs elements into boxy constructions, with the hope that the two concepts would mix in the eyes of the viewer, and become something entirely different…






Author: Jill E. Herbert

I am an aspiring metal smith inspired by nature, art, and life. I use various textures and patinas to create designs that reflect my love for the colors and compositions we see in nature and all around us. I hope you enjoy my unique creations!

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